How You Can Leverage The Power of Snapchat For Marketing [infographic]

Snapchat now has more than 150 million users. Most people haven’t tapped into this source of leads for their business just yet, making it a platform that is ripe with marketing opportunity.

Snapchat is so much more than just an app you where you send ridiculous photos of yourself to your friends. Social media is changing and with that, the ways we can market our products and services are also changing.

I’ve personally noticed that Snapchat now has “sponsored” filters that you can use that I assume have been created and paid for by big companies. These filters come from companies like Dominoes and Pepsi where it adds a funny filter onto your face and it’s always something that relates to the brand in question. This is an new way of engaging brands with consumers by making it a much more personal experience.

A video analytics software service, by the name of Delmondo, has created an awesome infographic that contains some very interesting facts about snapchat and how it can be used for marketing.

Snapchats most expensive advertising offering is called Discover ads, which starts at over $40,000!

There are other options, as mentioned above Snapchat offers things like geofilters, sponsored lenses and ads that display between stories.

Check out the infographic below for more information:


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