Two Strategies To Master For a Better Life

two strategies to master to improve your life

When I think about mastering my life and focusing on exact strategies for living better, my mind is automatically drawn towards focus. Focus is the thing that sets the dreamers apart from the doers. It’s the ultimate tester.

The people that have the ability to cultivate deep focus in a world full of distractions are the ones that produce consistent results in their lives. They build amazing businesses and enjoy consistent personal and professional growth. In the age of social media, most of us have lost the ability to stay focused and grounded when we need to most.

Being mindful is the key to cultivating a deep focus. Being mindful basically means being aware of yourself, your actions. To have an awareness around what you’re doing. Being present to the moment.

Being mindful also means being in a state where you aren’t reactive to external stimulus because you’re present. This is a very important trait to have in a world that is constantly trying to distract us with (mostly) meaningless things.

Reading Books

Not enough of us read anymore. The amount of knowledge one can gain from reading one book is quite honestly flabbergasting. Someone will spend 20 years honing their craft with a particular skill, talent or just life experience and pour all their experiences in to this book for you. You can absorb all this information in a number of hours for literally a few dollars. I think that’s a pretty damn good deal if you ask me!

The issue is, if you lack focus, you won’t be able to read without getting distracted every few minutes! Cultivating a state of presence is instrumental to nailing the focus thing. You can’t be looking at your iPhone every few minutes and expect to absorb any information from the book, or even know what going on, for that matter.

How To Improve Your Focus

Putting in the simplest way, you need to meditate. Meditation is the yoga of the mind. It provides a deep, much-needed resting place for your mind that is deeper than sleep itself. It’s a way for you to become more sharp, rounded and perform powerfully in whatever you choose to do.

I personally learnt how to do a “sitting” meditation from this great site, CalmDownMind. Before you start to freaking by telling me how hard it is just hear me out for a sec. This meditation isn’t like any other form of meditation. It is meditation that literally involves sitting down.

You sit down and let everything go… you relax all your muscles and breathe. You aren’t trying to focus or trying to concentrate. This is the key thing. You aren’t trying to do anything. You’re just allowing everything as it is.

This actually initiates a very deep conscious release process of any trapped negativity in your body.

The fundamental problem that so many of us have is trapped emotions. So many of us are walking around with past traumas that literally get stored in our body from past experiences. We don’t allow them to get released because society tells us to suppress things that feel “bad”.

So we unconsciously push “bad” thoughts and negativity away which results in a negative energy momentum that literally gets stuck inside us.

It takes a while for us to learn how to consciously release these emotions that have been having a negative effect on us for years.

The start of this release of negativity requires a different approach to the way we think about things. It requires a complete openness to our thoughts and feelings. We need to go into the state of allowing.



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