The Ultimate To-Do List for Getting Your Online Business Remembered

Let’s say you’ve started your online business a few years ago and you’re getting frustrated at the fact that no one remembers your online business and you don’t seem to be making an impact in your industry. The solution to this problem, you ask? Build your online presence.

Building an online presence is crucial to any successful online business because that is the only way people will remember your company to use you as a reference, interact with you, buy another product from you, share your content, products, or services with friends.

Being remembered online is a time consuming process and it’s not something that can happen in a few days. But the good news is, if you have a plan of action for building your online presence, it can be a simpler process.

breaking DC how to build an online presence


Well… What is an online presence?

An online presence is all of the channels that you have created for your business. An online presence has a goal or reaching a wide range of people, hence why you need to create multiple channels. When built successfully, it can drive interactions, fans, followers, leads, and even publicity if you build it up substantially.

This is the ultimate to-do list for building your online presence right now.

1. Lay your goals out and decide what you want the result of your brand awareness to be – both long-term and short-term.

As you start to take action for your online presence, you should be continuously asking yourself how each of your efforts are contributing to the growth of your business.

Write down your goals whether that is how many leads you want from it a month, followers, or sales. Don’t just start making accounts on every platform just because you think you should do that and it’ll help, create a plan on how you want to build your online presence and what you’re expecting out of it.

This is great for keeping track of your efforts, as well as accountability to continue building to eventually reach your business goals.

Breaking DC Setting Goals for Your Online Business

2. Building your platform

For every online business, the solid platform tends to be your website which is the center of your brand awareness/online presence.

This is the platform that every person interested in what you have to offer from your other channels, will end up to learn more about your company. Your website should be fully optimized, filled with information, and a place that answers any unanswered questions or concerns that your prospects may have. This is the main channel that they will contact you, buy from you, and engage with you so you need to make it user friendly for all those possibilities.

Another important aspect for your home channel is SEO. This can be extremely complex but there is extensive amount of resources on how to learn SEO to build your online business presence without hiring anyone.

3. Value

On each channel that you plan on using for your online presence, make sure that your number one goal is to provide value. Over time, the industry leaders are telling us time, and time again that providing value is the number one way to become a trusted authority in your industry. If its social media, create posts that aren’t selling anything 90% of the time and just giving out golden nuggets to your followers. (This doesn’t have to be created by you either, it can be valuable shared content that you know your followers will enjoy).

4. Build Relationships

This is a crucial, yet simple task in building an online presence. The first step in building relationships is understanding your exact avatar and targeting them on the web through the channel you’re using. Join the groups that your avatar tends to spend their time on, and contribute. This is a time where you will learn about your prospects and also a way to understand their desires, pains and expectations when it comes to your products or services.

When people show interest in your account, reach out to each of them whenever you can. Being likable online is important, so face negativity with grace, and build relationship with good intentions.

5. Patience

As you can tell, all of these things are simple, but they take time to fully do and it is a process that should last as long as your business. If you’re able to create your goals, build a strong foundation, provide value and build relationships, you will see your efforts pay off when you have an unbreakable online presence that’s well known in your industry.



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