Businesses That Work with Your Busy Life

creating a business around a busy lifestyle

“I quit!”

You did it. You finally quit your job to start your dream business!

Or you might have been thinking about it for the past few years and never took action.

So what’s holding you back? Oh, maybe the million things that include kids, your mortgage, and paying bills. You may be even thinking that starting a business is way out of your league because you’re a busy mother who doesn’t have the highest paying job.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids or simply work for yourself instead of reporting to someone. Whatever it may be, if you have the growing desire to build a profitable business around your hectic life, today is the day to start. Building a business as a woman with a busy lifestyle doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the world.

There is one business model I’m going to be discussing in this article because virtually anyone can do it and it can mold around all your commitments.

Start a Blog About Something You’re Knowledgeable On

Maybe I’m a bit biased because blogging has set me free from Corporate America, but I really do believe that starting a blog is one of the most fulfilling and realistic ways to create an insanely powerful business when you have a super busy life.

What specific ways does a blogger make money?


Sponsored content from other companies 

You have a fitness blog. A weightless supplement company pays you $500 to promote their new protein shake by mentioning it on your blog. Pure profit.

Display Advertising

These are ads that Google displays to website visitors based on what the reader has previously showed interest in from their past activity online. So if Billy was searching for dirt bikes then comes on to your fitness blog, there will be a ad on your website that shows advertisements for dirt bikes.  This is also called retargeting from the company advertising the dirt bikes. Every specific person will be getting unique ads that pertain to their online activity based on cookies.

Affiliate Marketing

You actively promote other company’s products on your blog, but you only get paid when your visitors make a sale from your ad. Your success is based on how well you convert each visitor, but this can be a pretty awesome way to make consistent sales from mentioning a company once in your blog post! Learning how to start affiliate marketing isn’t difficult. You just need to find good training and products that you feel passionate about!

Selling EBooks

Because your blog is on a topic you are already knowledgeable on, creating an EBook won’t be as difficult as you think. By selling an EBook, you keep all the revenue which is totally awesome for a few day’s worth of work that keeps generating money for you.

Let’s take a minute and discuss some of the main takeaways from successful bloggers.

#1 Traffic is What Will Grow Your Blog

The first goal you should have when growing your blog is getting to 10,000 visitors per month. Until you reach that benchmark, don’t expect to make any money online. To increase income from your blog directly correlates to an increase in traffic. The more people that see your site, the more leads and sales you’ll receive.

#2 Master ONE Social Media Platform

 I emphasize one because if you try to master all the platforms at once, you’ll get nowhere. Trying to be on every social media platform may seem like an obvious way to be seen by everyone. False. Every social media platform has a learning curve and you should master one and get it to work for you.

#3 Be Flexible with Your Business 

You’re just starting your blog, and you read about an insane way to make money and you create your whole business plan based on the hype you read about. Don’t plan on anything being set in stone. Sometimes the way you initially plan to make money from your blog will be a completely different route then the way that actually works for your specific site.

#4 Invest in Your Online Education

Whether it’s on how to blog, how to rank in Google, or how to master a certain social media platform, invest in your education. There are outstanding courses online taught by extremely successful bloggers that teach you the best strategies on how to reach the goals you have for your blog.

Blogging is the perfect way to start your own business tailored to who you are, and also a flexible business model that can fit into all the things you have going on in your life.


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