Hello reader! Welcome to the breakingDC about me page.

This purpose of this blog is to provide no-nonsense advice on how to start a profitable online business.

There are so many different online opportunities available today that it makes it really difficult to decide what to go for.

My aim with this blog is to cut through all the crap and get you the gold. To bring you to things you need to know without all the added fluff.

A little bit of background on me

My name is James Stroche and I’ve been working from home through my own consulting business for the past five years now. I help businesses get more clients by creating and implementing proven digital marketing strategies. Before I learnt all about consulting and online marketing I was working in the corporate world as a project manager.

I was practically on the phone 24/7 and the level of stress I experienced almost drove me to long-term sickness. My transition from the corporate world to becoming self-employed was something that happened out of the stresses I experienced as a project manager. I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. I always felt like there was a better way of doing things.

So I started doing research online into different ways of working for yourself. I stumbled onto consulting and (luckily) managed to find myself a really good mentor. He taught me everything I know about consulting and online marketing. These skills I’ve learnt over the past few years have enabled me to support myself and write my own pay check for the past five years.

There really is nothing better than being your own boss and being self-sufficient. Not having to rely on anyone else but yourself to make a living for yourself. There’s something really powerful about that. I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities we have available to us in this day and age. Never have we had the luxury of having so many business opportunities presented to us.

We live in a truly unique time.

This discovery I made a few years ago has actually inspired me to create this blog. I think online business is really fascinating because it allows us to live a completely different lifestyle. In fact, it’s a lifestyle that many people assume is still reserved for the lucky few. You know, those people who are born into riches….

Well this couldn’t be further from the truth. More so now than ever in history.

I want to show you the infinite possibilities of online business.

This infographic reveals why you should start an online business:


Starting  an Online Business

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