How To Create A Successful Affiliate Ad Campaign

creating a successful ad campaign

To achieve success in affiliate marketing, you need to be following a strict methodical process. Paid affiliate marketing campaigns are some what of an art form because you can’t just throw things at a wall to see what sticks. It requires a data-driven strategy as well as a knowledge of human psychology.

Having a concrete strategy in place is more important now than it has ever been because the competition is much higher. ¬†Throwing things at a wall might have worked ten years ago, but now, you’ll run out of money before you can say commission!

Many bloggers have found huge success in paid advertising campaigns and continue to draw in huge sums of money from their affiliate marketing websites. These bloggers started out just like all of us, from nothing, and with some consistency and determination, have managed to create assets that will now serve them for life.

In this post we’ll be breaking down the five steps to a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Follow these steps for a successful affiliate marketing campaign:

Find something to promote

There are thousands of things available for affiliate marketers to promote out there. It can be hard to nail down something and stick with it until you start producing results. It’s good to have experience of the industry you’re focusing on. Even if you don’t, it’s definitely worth doing your research so you aren’t just spitting nonsense to your visitors.

Create a captivating landing page

Landing pages are awesome. They’re designed to get someone to complete a certain action whether that is signing up to a list, downloading a white paper or buying a training course, landing pages are used for pretty much everything.

You can use a landing page to captivate the interest of a visitor and get them to sign up to your list. This form of marketing works very well in almost every industry because you’re able to laser target certain demographics and customise your pages with things like dynamic text replacement.

Setup tracking for your campaigns

As mentioned above, without using a data-driven strategy (which involves tracking) your essentially throwing money at the wall (or just down the drain). Tracking is absolutely essential for your paid advertising campaigns. It forms the foundations of the ability to optimise your advertising. You need to be tracking where your traffic is coming from, what keywords, what clicks you’re getting, conversions… these are just the basics.

Split testing

Split testing is something that many people find confusing but fundamentally it is very simple. Once you have a landing page build, you’re then able to duplicate that landing page and make a few changes. You can then run the two pages alongside each other and see which one produces more conversions. Simple isn’t it?

There are plenty of landing page platforms that integrate tracking and split-testing into the system so it can all be setup with minimal effort on your part. Knowing computer language and complex CSS code is no longer a requirement for you to become a successful online marketer.

Scale and optimise

Once you have a great affiliate offer to promote and you’ve built up your landing pages, setup all your tracking and split testing, it’s time to lets your campaign run and start optimising shortly after you start getting data.

Finding success in affiliate marketing isn’t about being perfect from the start. The success is all in the optimisation. Tweaking a campaign until it becomes something profitable for you is what affiliate marketing is all about. Not every campaign will be an unresounding success but when you do hit that big one it’ll make up for all your previous failures.


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